Tox & Eye Fore

HP Cell Regation Tox & Eye, Fore PDRN

What is it?

Tox & Eye, Fore Filler is a PolyDeoxyRiboNucleotide (PDRN). It activates and increases the rate of skin regeneration. It has a botox-like effect that allows your skin to be lifted and smoothed out.  

To add to that, Tox & Eye, Fore Filler also has an anti-aging effect of making your skin look young. Aside from that, it also keeps your skin well hydrated and moisturized.

Plus, it also enhances skin rejuvenation. It also provides an immediate wrinkle repairing to make your skin look young. Tox & Eye, Fore Filler has a PDRN Content of 1.0% and Hyaluronic Acid Content of 0.5%.

Tox & Eye Fore

Why Choose Tox & Eye, Fore PDRN?

Botox-Like Effect

Tox & Eye, Fore Filler’s effect is similar to that of a botox. 

Boosts Skin Rejuvenation

Tox & Eye, Fore Filler enhances your skin rejuvenation and repairs your wrinkles for young-looking skin.  

Smoothes Out Wrinkles

Tox & Eye, Fore Filler smoothes fine lines and wrinkles to give you young-looking skin.