ReMedium Threads

What is it?

ReMedium has a huge variety of PDO Threads and absorbable sutures that you can readily use in various ways. One of the great things about ReMedium Sutures is its flexibility, which allows you to use them for facelifts and body lifts. 

To add with that, ReMedium threads is also great for boosting volume, balance, and contour. Plus, it’s also able to stimulate the collagen production in your body, so your wound will heal much faster.

Benefits of Using ReMedium Threads

Prioritizes Safety

ReMedium ensures that all of the PDO Threads they produce are safe for use. This is why they see to it that the threads go through a strict clinical trial before it is produced.

Heals Wounds Faster

ReMedium threads are infused with collagen-stimulating compounds to make sure that the would on the area heals faster so you can go back to your daily routine. 


ReMedium threads Absorbable sutures can be used in many ways to ensure that it can deal with what your patient wants.