ReMedium Plus

What is it?

ReMedium specializes in producing high-quality Semi-Permanent Hyaluronic Acid Fillers. Their fillers are cross-linked through patented microbeads, giving you a filler with high viscosity that can last for a long time. 

They’re also safe and can easily be removed. Although ReMedium Fillers went through a high cross-linking, their fillers are not chemically modified. Making their fillers safe to use.

Benefits of Using ReMedium

  • Long-Lasting

Due to the ReMedium Fillers’ high cross-linking rate, their fillers have cohesiveness and high viscosity. Allowing their fillers to easily mold and retain its shape for a very long time.

  • Superior Hydrophilic Capacity

ReMedium’s Fillers are highly hydrophilic, allowing it to absorb water and lock it into giving you a natural-looking and well-defined look. 

  • Safe and Removable

Its high cross-linking rate is not chemically modified, making it safe to use and easy to remove.