What is it?

Kabelline is a contouring serum. This serum melts down unwanted fats on your face and body. It works by breaking adipocyte cells and contours your face for a more prominent line.

The great thing about Kabelline is that it can both be applied to every part of your face and body with unwanted fat. This works effectively on areas where fats are usually hard to remove via exercise.

How Kabelline Works?

This is the result of cutting-edge technology, which causes your fat cells to be destroyed. Kabelline draws water inside your cells to destroy the adipocytes inside your cells.

Additionally, it blocks the production of unwanted fat cells emitted by your Macrophage or Lymphatic Duct.

Treatment Recommendation

  • For Face

When applied on the face, the recommended amount to be used is 2ml for maximum fat-removal.

  • For Body

When applied to your body, it’s highly recommended that you use 4ml – 8ml for the best results.

Benefits of Using Kabelline

  • Dissolves Facial and Body Fats

It blocks the production of unwanted body and facial fats. It also bursts the existing adipocytes by drawing in water to remove fats.

  • Pain-Free

There’s no need for you to go under the knife to get rid of your unwanted fats. 

  • Reaches Difficult Areas

This can be applied to both body and face, which is why it’s great for removing fats that are not usually removed by exercise.