Inobelle Plus V

What is it?

Inobelle plus V is a Hyaluronic Acid body filler to restore your body back to its youthful volume. Similar to the facial fillers, Inobelle+ V is not permanent. This filler has a bigger molecular weight as compared to the facial fillers.

Additionally, it also stimulates collagen production to give you younger-looking skin. The filler also has high viscosity for an easier body contour. 

Inobelle plus V

Benefits of Using Inobelle +V

  • Stimulates Skin Regeneration

Inobelle+ V has the ideal microsphere size for collagen stimulation. 

  • Non-Animal Derived Filler

Inobelle+ V’s Hyaluronic Acid filler is sourced from a non-animal source to guarantee safety.

  • Clinically Proven

Inobelle+ V went through strict clinical trials to guarantee the safety of the fillers.