Inobelle Plus V

What is it?

Inobelle plus V is a Hyaluronic Acid body filler to restore your body back to its youthful volume. Similar to the facial fillers, Inobelle+ V is not permanent. This filler has a bigger molecular weight as compared to the facial fillers.

Additionally, it also stimulates collagen production to give you younger-looking skin. The filler also has high viscosity for an easier body contour. 

Benefits of Using Inobelle +V

Excellent Volume

Replegen is very hydrophilic, which allows it to absorb water, keeping your filler’s volume in an excellent state.  

High Viscosity

Replegen is formulated to ensure that you can use the fillers with great ease via providing a filler that can keep its shape great.

Clinically Proven

Replegen is made in Japan and went through a lot of strict clinical trials to ensure the fillers’ performance stays great.