What is it?

Hyaron is a Sodium Hyaluronate, a specially formulated dermal filler, created to boost and make your skin better. 

This mesotherapy filler has been used since 1987— and has been around for three decades.

Hyaron is the perfect combination of the regular fillers’ wrinkle-removing capability and mesotherapy’s wonderful rejuvenating effect. It has finer particles and is smoother than your regular filler, making it the ideal solution for hiding surface lines as well as delicate wrinkles. 

Hyaron has both short-term and long term effects. Its short-term effect includes removing superficial wrinkles right away, and its long-term effects are making your skin smoother, tighter, and younger-looking over time. 

Ingredients: 1 syringe (2.5ml) containing 25mg of Sodium Hyaluronate

Shelf Life: 3 Years

Keep away from direct sunlight. Must be stored in an airtight container with a 2-8°C room temperature.


Benefits of Using Hyaron

  • Removes Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Removes superficial lines, wrinkles, and fine lines to make you look young.

  • Tightens Your Skin

Improves your skin elasticity to get rid of sagging skin. 

  • Biorevitalization

Hyaron has a gradual but long-term bio revitalization effect by blurring out shallow to medium-fine lines and wrinkles.