Hyal-pep 889 Filler

What is it?

Hyal-pep 889 is a Hyaluronic Acid Filler formulated to help people restore their youthful skin. Away from the stress of deep wrinkles and fine lines. The filler holds its shape for a long time due to its Hydrophilic capacity.

Its made with a hyaluronic acid physiological gel that’s non-crosslinked and is pyrogen-free. The great thing about this filler is that it doesn’t come from an animal. This means that the filler is odorless and also colorless.

Benefits of Using Hyal-pep 889

Excellent Volume

Hyal-pep 889 is very absorbent, helping the filler to keep its volume great.

High Viscosity

Hyal-pep 889 has a can hold its shape for a long time due to its high viscosity. 


Hyal-pep 889 has gone through a lot of clinical trials to ensure that the fillers are safe to use for everyone.