Hermosa Filler

What is it?

Hermosa Fillers are Hyaluronic Acid Fillers, created with the goal of providing a solution for the fine-line and deep-wrinkle problem. It is formulated using a homogenized hyaluronic acid to ensure the quality of the filler. 

This filler has lidocaine, which reduces the pain during the procedure. To add with that, this filler features high viscoelasticity, which helps the filler retain its shape and for a long period of time.  

Benefits of Using Hermosa

Excellent Volume

Hermosa Fillers are hydrophilic, which helps the filler absorb water from its surrounding, and using it to keep the volume of the filler at an excellent state. 

High Viscosity

Hermosa is formulated to make sure that the fillers will be able to keep its shape for a long period of time

Clinically Proven

Hermosa Fillers went through a lot of strict clinical trials to ensure the fillers’ performance stays great.