Derma V Line

What is it?

Derma V Line lifting threads are made of PDO/PCL/PLLA/WPCL. Thread Lift is a minimally, invasive cosmetic enhancement technique. It lifts the sagging skin around your face and neck using surgical suture threads. These threads stimulate new collagen formation. Newly formed collagen acts as your skin’s scaffolding, which holds your skin up to improve its firmness. 

Benefits of Derma V Line

High-Quality Lifting Threads

Each product goes through strict quality controls such as manage drying, control sterilization, and other processes covered by the ISO Standard. The threads are also made through molding method. Ensuring that the threads are at the optimal quality. 


Derma V Line lifting threads are bioabsorbable. It’s also made from polymerizing para dioxanone monomers, which makes these threads long-lasting.

Minimal Pain and Side Effects

These lifting threads are easily inserted on your skin, rendering you less skin damage. 

Safe and Quick Recovery

Thread Lifts have a very short downtime and do not leave any visible scars since it stimulates collagen for faster healing and recovery.