Celosome Filler

What is it?

Celosome Series is a series of Hyaluronic Acid Fillers, which is made to cater to various skin depressions. Each type of filler is made to ensure that the treatment for folds and wrinkles is well dealt with. 

This filler contains lidocaine to make sure that the procedure will be as painless as possible. Another great thing about this filler is that it comes from a non-animal origin, making it odorless and colorless. 

Benefits of Using Celosome Fillers

  • Excellent Volume

Celosome is deeply hydrophilic, allowing the filler to absorb moisture, which keeps the structure & volume of your filler remarkable. 

  • High Viscosity

Celosome is formulated to make sure that you can use the fillers with ease by improving its viscosity so it can hold its shape for a long time.

  • Long-Lasting

Celosome Series went through various clinical trials to guarantee your safety in using the filler.