What is it?

Botulax formulates Type A Clostridium Botulinum, commonly known as Botox, which is used to get rid of any type of fine lines and wrinkles, including deep wrinkles and Glabellar Lines. 

Botulax is also safe to be used against anti-spasticity and dystonia to help reduce the stiffness and overactivity of those who have cerebral palsy. It boasts of a 99% purified Botulinum Toxin which ensures its effectivity, once it is used. 

Benefits of Using Botulax

  • Optimum Safety and Efficacy

Tests and clinical trials have been conducted, and Botulax has passed all of this. In fact, Botulax has been introduced to Japan, Korea, Europe, Russia, Central and South America, and even Asia. 

  • Excellent Quality and Stability

Botox went through a strict clinical trial to ensure that the stability and potency of Botulax are top-notch. It also shows a stable potency even after being placed on a cold-storage or freezer.

  • Outstanding Purity

Botulax is highly purified. In fact, it has 99% purity, which ensures that the botox is in excellent-quality and can perform better.