Bellavita Filler

What is it?

These are facial fillers that are created to suit our skin tissues better. It used Hyaluronic Acid as its base, which highly attracts water. Making it a perfect product for moisturizing and hydrating the skin. 

What makes BellaVita unique from the usual Hyaluronic Acid in the market is its Viscoelasticity. It means that BellaVita is elastic enough to be able to go back to its usual shape. 

In addition to that, this filler is also perfect for those who have deep and moderate folds and wrinkles. 

Benefits of Using Bellavita Filler

  • Long-Lasting

Bellavita Fillers contain Mannitol, an antioxidant that which increases the longevity of your filler inside your body. How? Antioxidant lowers down the process of gel oxidation. This dramatically affects its length of stay in your body.

  • Improved Viscoelasticity

It’s a cross-link between monophasic and biphasic structure and results in an increased Viscoelasticity. This means that even if your filler goes through a certain amount of stress and pressure, it will be able to go back to its usual shape. 

  • Safe for Using

Bellavita went through 20 years of research and testing, which ensures the safety of this dermal filler. Aside from that, it also formulated to minimize the Endotoxin level, which may contaminate the injected filler. 

  • Double Sterilized

The filler is double sterilized to make sure that no contamination for the filler can happen.