Artline Slim Essence Solution for Face & Body

What is it?

Artline Slim Essence Solution for Face & Body is an essence solution, injected on your face to boost your skin’s texture. It can also enhance your skin’s elasticity to tone it. Additionally, this essence solution also gets rid of your facial fat to give you radiant and glowing skin. 

This product combines the finest ingredients with state of the art technology to deliver the best results. The ingredients used in this product are extracted from European Plants to prevent possible side effects.

Artline Slim Essence Solution for Face and Body uses the following.

Juglans Regia(Walnut) Seed Extract

The extract surpasses antioxidant pressure that has nitrate polyphenols and nutrients. It also stimulates cell metabolism to help promote skin protein synthesis.

Ophiopogon japonicus Root Extract

The extract boosts your skin moisture. It also gets rid of skin dryness. Plus, it rebuilds your skin barrier, provides smooth skin, and has an anti-aging effect. 

Aesculus hippocastanum Leaf Extract

The extract improves microcirculation of your fat and skin. It can also improve the blood circulation in your capillaries.

Fucus vesiculosus Extract

The extract promotes metabolism. It also reduces obesity, supplements minerals, as well as absorbs arsenic to form metallothonein, containing arsenic in the cell to enhance immunity.

Facial Usage.

  • Injection amount used: min 0.2ml ~ max 0.5ml per spot
  • Injection interval: 1cm
  • Injection amount: One-time procedure 5ml ~ 15ml (the procedure is done weekly)
  • Period: Perform 3-5 times depending on individual condition
  • Injection site: Injected into the dermis layer when used on the face

Body Usage.

  • Injection amount of use: min 0.2ml-max 0.5ml per 1spot
  • Injection interval: 1.5cm ~ 2cm
  • Injection total quantity: 100 ml or less according to site
  • Period: Depends on the individual’s condition. The procedure is done 3 – 5 times with intervals of 7 – 14 days for up to 8 procedures. After the procedure, apply ice to help calm and decrease the swelling. Massage the area where the treatment is applied for 3 – 5 minutes for better results. If the area is continuously massaged every day, the treatment will be absorbed better and will give you better results.