Art Lift Threads

What is it?

Art Lift presents a wide array of absorbable sutures (PDO Threads) that you can use in a lot of ways. Due to its flexibility, you can even use Art Lift for facelifts, and even body lifts. 

Aside from that, Art Lift can also be used for increasing volume, contouring, and balancing. One of the great things about Art Lift is that it can stimulate collagen production for faster healing. 

Benefits of Using Art Lift PDO Threads

Ensures Safety

Art Lift sees to it that the PDO Threads they produce are safe for use. These threads went through strict clinical trials to ensure that its effectivity is flawless. 

Stimulates Faster Healing

Art Lift’s absorbable sutures increase the collagen production in the area where it is placed to ensure that the area heals faster. Allowing you to return to your regular routine as soon as possible.

Very Flexible

Art Lift can be used in a lot of ways to ensure that it can cater to the demands of your patient.