Super V-Line Sol

What is it?

Super V-Line Sol is a fat-burning injection. It works by speeding up the lymph circulation as well as the process of melting your excess fats on your face. It also lowers down the swelling on your face.

As your facial fats are gradually removed, it lifts the skin on your cheeks and double chin— giving you a perfect V-curve face line. Additionally, Super V-Line Sol promotes cell regeneration to give you tighter and smoother skin.

Super V-Line Sol Treatment Areas

Super V-Line Sol is best used on the following facial areas as it removes any excess fats to give you that perfect V-Line you have always wanted. 


As we age, our muscles are reduced, leaving the skin on our cheeks sagging. Super V-Line Sol tightens the skin around the area to keep your skin tight— preventing it from sagging. 


For those who have a problem with their prominent cheekbones and wants to reduce it, Super V-Line Sol is the perfect solution as it helps you reduce the fats in your cheekbone area. 

Double Chin

Double Chin can be a huge problem, especially if it is already visible when we take photos and videos. Super V-Line Sol brings solutions to your prominent double chin by reducing them. 

Ear Part

For some, having a fatty bottom ear part can be a problem as it looks sad and saggy, which can make you look old. Super V-Line Sol removes the excess fat on your bottom ear part and tightens the skin around the area. 

Benefits of Using Super V-Line Sol

Dissolves Fats

Burns and melts excess fats to give you more desirable facial features.

Promotes Cell Regeneration

Stimulates cell regeneration to give you smoother and tighter skin.

Face Lifting Effect

Removes excess fats and lifts the area around your cheeks and double chin for a more desirable V-line curve.